Here is all the caracther you'll have the chance to see in Globbee... 

Globbee the blood cellEdit

Globbee is the main character in the game. You'll have a chance to see him struggle to reach Hardy the heart. He's moving at a slow pace, until you press the screen and hold your press... he then speeds up to his full potential



Grumpy the virusEdit

Grumpy is the big meanie in the game and kills the blood cell in an instant. Watch out for his movements, because he's not going to give you a second chance.



Hardy the HeartEdit

This cool fellow is waiting for Globbee. He's gonna make sure he's going to save his pal Globbee from all the challenges he's facing during his trip to reach him. Trying to Harbor Globbee  and make him comfortable is the quest of Hardy, but he can't move. So, your goal is to help Globbee reach Hardy.